compositeur musique de films,tv,pub ,arrangeur,

hi (re)so well , here's the site that maybe will allow me to drive a BMW one day ...
yeah well enough small talk let's begin to talk about my desperate musician life ..

so i began my musician life at 13yo (yes i know mozart began at 4 but i'm also a singer and he was not..) then the normal cursus: piano lessons that i used to skip all the time .. But Being a very passionated man i kept on studying music and first of all : jazz music at 16 and then the revelation : classical music (especially beethoven ). this music were the one that decided to make me dive into this art .

At 20yo graduation ( 3 classes repeated in 20 year.. whatever ...) then at 23yo the conservatory to learn composition and the piano .

some years later i started to understand some software like nuendo cubase kontakt and especially reason.

Being a Music classical addicted i decided to come back to this music some years later with some internationnal piano contests (i'm working on a big one currently) and in composition, with some great symphonic banks like east west symphonic gold and kontakt (i use to mix different banks from diferent softs)

compositeur musiques de films,arrangeur,compositeur

My hardware is exclusively windows with a quadcore intel (music dedicated), an electric piano yamaha and synthesizer xp 80 roland 2 monitor yamaha hs 50m 3 guitars (ovation , cort, fender ) , vox multi effects and a lot of plugs in .

of course i don't have pro tools or others great machine like that ,but in 2010 everyone can make a great music without 20.000 $ inside the studio.
I believe that what will make the difference today is the knowledge of the musician and his feeling because with 1500$ today you can build a really powerful machine and that wasn't the case just 1 year ago ..

regarding the sound : i just learned how to make a music at least audible and pleasant to listen and nothing more because it's not my job and i can't waste to much time doing this..

So this is in a few words my way to feel the music today and how i spent these years composing and playing it ..

Now let's listen to it and if you wanna live me a comment that would be very kind..

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